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The victims of marriages between Vietnamese brides and foreigners whom meet and marry one another after a few conferences via matchmaking, are not at all times the brides.

Numerous Vietnamese brides that are currently divorcees intentionally started to matchmakers to generally meet foreign males, mostly Chinese and South Korean. These are generally looking for marriages with foreigners just for cash. Worse, the brides have ‘tactics’ to separate your … Continue reading

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KABUL, Afghanistan — The two Afghan girls had every explanation you may anticipate what the law states could be to their part whenever a policeman at a checkpoint stopped the coach these were in. Disguised in boys’ clothing, girls, many years 13 and 14, was indeed fleeing for just two times along rutted roadways and over hill passes to flee their unlawful, forced marriages to much older males, and today that they had managed to get to Herat that is relatively liberal Province.

Rather, the authorities officer spotted them as girls, ignored their pleas and promptly delivered them back once again to their village that is remote in Province. There they certainly were publicly and viciously flogged for daring to hightail it from … Continue reading

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